Thanks for your interest in Typing Scout. Typing Scout is a modern web application for the training and improvement of typing skills. It offers a range of sophisticated features specifically for schools. The application runs in the Cloud and is thus available 24/7/365. You only need an Internet connection and a common browser.
"Very nice typing practice. As a typing teacher I would recommend it to my students."
- Tracy Magin
"I really like the organization of the app. It's hard to find an easy, yet helpful application for increasing your typing speed."
- Karina Marttin

Here you will find an overview of the many features a Typing Scout subscription offers to schools. We will now present some examples of workflows to you, in order to illustrate the dialogue between teachers and students.


Picture- and Keyboard Game
Text Writing Training
Text Writing Game
As soon as your school account is created, you will receive your principal's password. With this password you can log in and create classes and teachers. They get their own passwords in order to add and monitor their students.
For principals, it is possible to print the classes, teachers and passwords in a special card format.
For each class the individual students are created. Their unique passwords are being generated automatically.
Here again, there is the possibility to print out the passwords of the students in a file card format.
Picture- and Keyboard Game
With the link „Create message“ a message can be sent to individual classes or students. Optionally, exercises, homeworks or exams can be preset.
The message summary provides information on all previously sent messages. In contrast to e-mail systems, inadvertently sent messages can also be deleted.
At the welcome page of Typing Scout, both teachers and students are able to login. In this example tour, a student is signing in.
After the login, the menu page with the name of the school will appear. There are basic user settings and menu options to select a game. In addition, there is also a messages button with the number of unread messages.
When you open a message, it is marked as read. If an exercise has been preset, the parameters and a start button are displayed. Thus, the set exercises are activated.
The configuration of the game is defined automatically. Then you can start the game!
In this example, the Picture- and Keyboard Game was chosen, configured with characters and keyboard. Top left is the number of correct characters (green), top right the number of wrong ones (red). In between, the current score and the remaining time is indicated. Right or wrong keys pressed will be displayed in green or red on the virtual keyboard (not visible in screenshot).
When time is over, the training results are shown in the individual training log. Students can view their progress at any time.
Of course the training logs of individual students are also visible to their teachers, so they can monitor and rate completed exercises.
Teachers also have the option to print a range of training logs.
Text Writing Training
An additional feature of Typing Scout is Text Writing Training. There it is possible to practice writing a text, with or without the possibility of correction.
Completed texts can be stored in Typing Scout and marked as an exercise, homework or examination.
Teachers can also continuously monitor the training progress of their students, comment and mark the texts.
Text Writing Game
The written texts for Text Writing Training can also be used for another form of exercises: the Text Writing Game.
The texts can be displayed with either one or more lines. The display of the virtual keyboard is optional.
In this game you have to overwrite the text as accurately as possible.
This game too has its own training log for students ...
... and can be viewed by teachers as well.

You have completed the overview of the various features of Typing Scout. Of course, not all features and configuration options Typing Scout offers could be presented to you.

Try the free guest access or trial registration for schools and see the possibilities of the application for yourself.

Be inspired by the many advantages of Typing Scout!

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